Music Meeting for May 30, 2017 See & Hear What's Popular on Radio This Week



#17 – #15* +512

#2 spin gainer

Top 15 @ WTMX Chicago, KDMX Dallas, WISX Philadelphia, WBMX Boston, WDVD Detroit, KBKS Seattle, KMVA Phoenix, KSTP Minneapolis, KMYI San Diego, KYKY St. Louis, KRSK Portland, KHTI Riverside, KSMG San Antonio, WBZZ Pittsburgh, KZZO Sacramento, KJMY Salt Lake City, KVGS Las Vegas, WKRQ Cincinnati, WQAL Cleveland, WVHT Norfolk, Westwood One and more!

New adds this week include WNEW New York, KBIG Los Angeles, WISX Philadelphia, KSMG San Antonio, KAMX Austin, WSNE Providence, WPTE Norfolk

#4* Top 40

Over 263 Million Spotify

Over 141 Million audio YouTube

Over 20 Million of the video – watch below

#4 iTunes

Over 505,000 singles sold to date


  • @Zedd: omg this is so good !!!

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  • @Zedd: @ZeddUSA @nancydhuynh @zeddfanaccount I'm in a plane alreadyyyy - had to leave right after the show

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  • @Zedd: Thank you @Honda and @MarioAndretti for this incredible experience. 🙏

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  • @Zedd: @MarioAndretti Mario, it was such an honor!

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  • @Zedd: RT @IMS: That time @Zedd met @MarioAndretti at @IMS 💯#Indy500 #Indy500SnakePit

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