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“Hold You Down”

“Hold You Down”

#40* | 300x

On @ 25 stations including: KITS/San Francisco, KDKB/Phoenix, KTCL/Denver, KQGO/Minneapolis, WSUN/Tampa, KXRK/Salt Lake City, WROX/Norfolk, WWCD/Columbus, WBUZ/Nashville, WZRH/New Orleans, WEDG/Buffalo, WZNE/Rochester, Music Choice Alternative

Spotify at 7 MILLION streams. UP 300,000 this week!

Video at 4.4 MILLION streams. UP 100,000 this week!

“Hold You Down” #59* Soundscan DEBUT with 4,600 sold 1st week. 8,400 total.

Album ORION, out NOW
#125* Soundscan DEBUT with 7,700 sold 1st week. 31,000 total.
Album over 38 MILLION Spotify streams.

Performed on STEPHEN COLBERT – July 15th!

“Hold You Down” featured in FOX’S RESIDENT TV show promos

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Nationwide tour this SUMMER & FALL.
1,000-1,500 cap venues.
Dates here