Music Meeting for August 29, 2017 See & Hear What's Popular on Radio This Week



#26* to #20* / 867x +237x

#1 Gainer for 3 weeks in a row!

On at 50 stations, including: WWDC/Washington DC, WBOS/Boston, WSFS/Miami, KNDD/Seattle, KDKB/Phoenix, KBZT/San Diego, 91X/San Diego, KBZT/San Diego, KQGO/Minneapolis, KTCL/Denver, WSUN/Tampa, KPNT/St. Louis, WEND/Charlotte, KXRK/Salt Lake City, KHTB/Salt Lake City, KRBZ/Kansas City, KKDO/Sacramento, WEBN/Cinci, KROX/Austin, WOLT/Indianapolis, WLUM/Milwaukee, WROX/Norfolk, WXXJ/Jacksonville, WEDG/Buffalo, WLKK/Buffalo, WZNE/Rochester, KPOI/Honolulu, KMYZ/Tulsa, KFRR/Fresno, WFUZ/Wilkes-Barre, WWYY/Allentown, KYRK/Corpus Christi, KMAX/Ft. Collins, WGMP/Montgomery, WBTZ/Burlington, SIRIUS Alt Nation, MUSIC CHOICE Alternative

“Ahead of Myself” 1,300 sold this week / 6,200 sold to date

Album out later this year

SPOTIFY streams 3.1 MILLION (+ 700,000 this week)

Performed on SETH MEYERS – July 20th

Featured in ESPN/ABC College Football Promo spots for entire season

Entertainment Weekly spotlight.

Touring this Fall and this Winter. Dates here

FESTS for 2017: KABOO (San Diego) on 9/15
RED ROCKS in Denver on October 7th


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