Music Meeting for November 21, 2017 See & Hear What's Popular on Radio This Week


“What Lovers Do” ft. SZA

#5 – #4* +98

Top 5 @ WNEW New York, KBIG Los Angeles, KLLC San Francisco, WRQX Washington DC, WIAD Washington DC, WDVD Detroit, KPLZ Seattle, KBKS Seattle, KIMN Denver, KHTI Riverside, WOMX Orlando, WQAL Cleveland, KZPT Kansas City, KEZR San Jose, WVMX Columbus, KYIS Oklahoma City, Music Choice and more!

#6* Top 40

#10 iTunes single

Single jumps from #12 – #6 this week up +52% with 37K sold

Over 300,000 singles sold

Over 202 Million Spotify (up 24 Million from last week)

Over 44 Million YouTube audio

Over 61 Million views of the official video – watch below
#3 Shazam

New Album RED PILL BLUES available now

2018 Tour announced –