Music Meeting for November 3, 2020 See & Hear What's Popular on Radio This Week


“if this is the last time”

DEBUT #40* +88

#2 most added on impact with KLLC San Francisco, WDVD Detroit, KSTP Minneapolis, KIMN Denver, KRAV Tulsa, KZMG Boise, WMGX Portland, WCDA Lexington, WAHR Huntsville, KZXY Victor Valley, Music Choice

New adds last week include WWMX Baltimore, WOMX Orlando, WQAL Cleveland, WMHX Madison

New adds this week include KHTI Riverside, KZPT Kansas City, WMGV Greenville, KZZU Spokane, WEZN Bridgeport

Over 31 Million Spotify
Over 5 Million YouTube video views

As a band LANY has over 3 BILLION streams and 400 MILLION video views
They sold over 100,000 tickets on their last US tour (1,500 – 6,000 seat venues) with many shows selling out!

New album Mama’s Boy out now!
Mama’s Boy DEBUTS…
#7 Billboard Top 200
#3 Billboard Top Albums (pure sales)
#4 Spotify US Top Albums
#5 Spotify Global Albums

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