Music Meeting for August 27, 2019 See & Hear What's Popular on Radio This Week



#34* | 390x +8x

On @ 25 stations, including: KYSR/Los Angeles, KITS/San Francisco, WSFS/Miami, KDKB/Phoenix, WSUN/Tampa, KPNT/St.Louis, KXTE/Las Vegas, WEBN/Cincinnati, KRBZ/Kansas City, WWCD/Columbus, WZRH/New Orleans, WEDG/Buffalo, WZNE/Rochester, KPOI/Honolulu, KMYZ/Tulsa, WEQX/Albany, Music Choice Alternative

2.5 MILLION Spotify streams. UP 200,000 this week!

Video out now!

Over 12 MILLION Spotify
Sold 700 this week | 12,000 total

NPR ‘All Things Considered’

GQ feature in July

Major market tour this SUMMER and FALL
(1,000 – 2,000 cap rooms)
Dates here


Last album over 140,000 SOLD and GRAMMY NOMINATED