Music Meeting for June 26, 2018 See & Hear What's Popular on Radio This Week

Imagine Dragons
“Whatever It Takes”

#3 Hot AC

Top 5 @ SiriusXM The Pulse, KDMX Dallas, KHMX Houston, WIAD Washington DC, WRQX Washington DC, WSTR Atlanta, WDVD Detroit, KSTP Minneapolis, KALC Denver, WMTX Tampa, WALK Long Island, WWMX Baltimore, KYKY St. Louis, WLNK Charlotte, WBZZ Pittsburgh, WLTJ Pittsburgh, KZZO Sacramento, KMXB Las Vegas, WOMX Orlando, KAMX Austin, KZPT Kansas City, KEZR San Jose, WVMX Columbus, WSNE Providence, WPTE Norfolk, KYIS OK City, Westwood One, Music Choice and more!

#4 selling single this week with 25K sold

Over 750,000 singles sold to date

Over 254 Million Spotify

Over 347 Million video views – Watch below!

#4 iTunes

Jeep commercial – Watch below!

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