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Dermot Kennedy

“Power Over Me”

1 ranked spotify streams in triple a top 10, more Spotify Streams than Cage, Vampire, Hozier and Revivalist combined !

-Follow up to “Glory”which was on the Triple A chart for 20+ weeks

-Recently conclude U.S. Tour= all sold out in 1000+ cap rooms

New at Sirius Spectrum

17 Million Spotify Streams (#4 on the Triple A chart)

Played Steven Colbert on 1/24

Less produced version of the song that we sent to noncoms
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This ran yesterday on hundreds of NPR stations throughout the country. It’s an interview that also reveals that he is the NPR Music Slingshot Artist of the year in 2018. There were 40 Slingshot Artists to choose from. The voting was done by listeners who were informed of the voting by the stations in the Vuhaus collective (see below). Please feel free to share, especially with those who are part of Vuhaus and not playing him as well as any other station who emphasizes credibility …

Check out the link to the interview here!

Voting on the NPR music site was promoted by all the Vuhaus stations…

The VuHaus network includes public radio stations WFUV in New York City, KCRW in Los Angeles, KXT in Dallas/Ft. Worth, WXPN in Philadelphia, KEXP in Seattle, KDHX in St. Louis, opbmusic in Portland, KUTX in Austin, KTBG The Bridge in Kansas City, Mountain Stage in West Virginia, WGBH in Boston, Houston Public Media, WMOT in Nashville, 88Nine Radio Milwaukee in Milwaukee, Vocalo Radio in Chicago, NV89 in Reno, WMNF in Tampa, WYEP in Pittsburgh and WRTI in Philadelphia.

Best New Artist of 2018 Results here!