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“when the party’s over”

TOP 40 ADDS Feb 26

TOP 10 SPOTIFY Top 200 US (non-rap)
TOP 20 SPOTIFY Today’s Top Hits
TOP 10 YouTube Artist Chart

KMVQ San Francisco
KYLD San Francisco
Q100 Atlanta
KBFF Portland
KUDL Sacramento
WKFS Cincinnati
KHFI Austin

245+ MILLION Spotify Plays

202+ MILLION YouTube Views (watch below)

SOLD-OUT (in 1 day) HEADLINE TOUR May-July 2019

COACHELLA 4/13 & 20/2019

12.8 MILLION Instagram Followers

Billie Eilish 11 songs on the SPOTIFY US Top 200
Post Malone 8, Ariana Grande 6, Cardi B 5, Halsey 2

Same Interview, One Year Apart | Vanity Fair

“If you’re sleeping on 17-year-old Billie Eilish,
2019 is the year you need to wake up.”
– Cosmopolitan

“Billie Eilish is delivering hit after hit.”
– Seventeen Magazine

“One of the music industry’s youngest prodigies.”
– Teen Vogue

“The future face of pop.”
- Yahoo!

“Eilish is made for these times.”
– The Chicago Tribune